Tune in a Tube

Tune-in-a-Tube will:*

· Provide exceptional lubrication for traditional spring powered airguns

· Reduce vibration

· Smooth out the cocking stroke

· Provide a more consistent shooting cycle

Tune-in-a-Tube will NOT:

· Increase your gun’s velocity (actually, expect a slight decrease in FPS)

· “Fix” a bad seal or other mechanical issues that may exist in your gun

· Increase your guns inherent accuracy

Tune in a Tube will never replace the results you can achieve by performing a full tear down and rebuild of your airgun. But, it can take a good shooting gun and make it that much better. Make sure that your gun is operating correctly BEFORE you use Tune-in-a-Tube. The best way to know if your gun is working correctly is to test its performance with a known pellet over a chronograph. If your results are relatively close to established parameters, then Tune-in-a-Tube may be a great tool to improve your shooting experience. If however, your results do NOT meet established parameters or the extreme spread is excessive, then you may need to have your gun professionally serviced before attempting to use Tune-in-a-Tube.