Gun Medicine

Whether you are a sports shooter in 100 deg + heat, hunting in a rain storm, operating in extreme, tropical, or arctic environments Gun Medicine is the new lubrication of choice.

Gun Medicine consistently provides your firearm with the protection and lubrication reliability your investment deserves.

Knowledgeable shooters around the world agree that a clean firearm is more likely to be ready and reliable, plus have a prolonged service life.

Gun Medicine is super-efficient and cost-effective. During field-testing we found that one-quarter ounce can lubricate up to ten handguns. The two-ounce bottle can take care of nearly 80 guns. Imagine lubricating and protecting a large collection of 80 guns with only a single bottle!

With Gun Medicine, dirt and dust will not stick to your firearm. The lubricated parts will be dry to the touch. In addition, after the shooting is done you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your sport.

Gun Medicine is the perfect prescription for all of your firearms.

Gun Medicine is New Advanced Lubrication and Protection for all Firearms.

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